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Queen Bar Rainbow Aluminum cup - 14 oz, set of 7

Queen Bar Rainbow Aluminum cup - 14 oz, set of 7

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Queen Bar Rainbow Aluminum cups and bright colors bring you a beautiful mood.

What if somebody loves to go out when it is raining
What if somebody's eyes appear star lights when it is raining
You may be curious why, wait till the rain stops
Is it because there is a rainbow after the rain? Is it because there is hope after darkness?

Queen Bar was inspired by the rainbow story. That we have Queen Bar Rainbow Aluminum cups---Seven colors of the rainbow, imagine what aluminum cups rainbow look like. 


Queen Bar Rainbow Aluminum cups will surprise you

  • Durable, recyclable and easy to clean: The Queen Bar aluminum cup is thickened enough that not easily break when dropped on the ground. In addition, the aluminum cups applied the aluminum oxide technique so that the color can stay longer in daily use. Hand wash is recommended as you are willing to reuse the aluminum cup and protect the environment.
  • Save space for storage: The aluminum cups are designed into a slanted body by Queen Bar. It will make the aluminum cup be held easily and fold together to save space.  Even stacked on top of each other, there is still room between the cups, and because of the curling edge rim, the cups will not get stuck when separated.
  • Lightweight: It is 35g of each aluminum cup. Queen bar was aiming to make the aluminum cup a wonderful choice for recycling and balancing the aluminum cup a good product. Yes, it is definitely sustainable, and lightweight as much possible as we can.
  • Multipurpose: Who says aluminum cups are only liquor containers? Candle holder, DIY painting decoration, pen holder... Queen Bar is looking forward to getting more brilliant creative ideas from all of you!!!
  • Material comparison: Queen Bar Aluminum cups are lighter, safer and easier to carry than glass or ceramic cups. Compared with plastic cups, it is healthier and has a higher rate of recycling. Made of 1070 aluminum safety material, 100% aluminum content.
  • Scenario: Party, Event, Club, Bar, Shop, Gift, Home decor, DIY, Handcraft, Vase, Camping, Car, Meeting......
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Queenbar comes from keeping active and combining the designs of the classical with daily use. In other words, it stands out your mark between the traditional and trendy new things.

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