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Copper plated inside and outside hammer point straight body cup set - 14 pcs

Copper plated inside and outside hammer point straight body cup set - 14 pcs

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Stainless steel copper-plated mugs, Cylinder-shaped: Durable and well-made to withstand everyday practical use. Cylinder-shaped, exactly as wide at the brim as at the base. Its narrow cylindrical shape maximizes the copper mug’s ability to keep your drink cool longer. There’s nothing like a good Moscow Mule in a mirror-finished stainless steel mug!

Food Grade Lacquer-Coated & Tarnish-Resistant: US-based third-party lab-tested and certified for food safety. Copper mugs are naturally prone to tarnishing over time. However, purposefully designed to withstand tarnish, rust, or stain, our mugs feature a proprietary food-grade lacquer coating in both their interior and exterior. With its added coating and with proper care, it will keep its lustrous beauty!

Artisan Handcrafted: Designed to provide a solid comfortable grip! Our mug has a well-balanced weight to it. Each copper mug is unique with its own hammer point pattern. 

What You Get: 

Cylinder-shaped mugs, Stainless steel straws, Coasters, Shot cup, Cocktail recipe

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