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Why are Moscow mules in copper mugs?

Think of the world's most famous alcoholic drinks and cocktails: the ideal container complements these popular drinks. A good wine has a proper presentation and a balance between mixology and alcohol. Good drinks are carefully prepared and must be served in the right container.

Martinis are usually served in classic glasses with wide brims and long handles. Whisky is served in a low glass. Margaritas are served in large glasses. Like the aforementioned drinks, the Moscow Mule is best enjoyed when served in a cold copper mug. A traditional copper mug can elevate all personal tastes, enhance the aroma, and give the Moscow mule cocktail a unique look.

Although it takes its name from a Russian city, the Moscow mule is an entirely American invention. It even has some variations, such as the Mexican mule or the Kentucky mule. A common thing is that mules should always be served in copper mugs.

Why is the bronze glass so important to enjoying the traditional Moscow mule? Let's find out.



On a clear day in 1941, three entrepreneurs gathered on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood to meet at the Rooster Bull Bar. One was businessman John Martin, who bought Smirnoff vodka; one was pub owner Jack Morgan, who liked his home-brewed Cock n' Bull ginger beer; The third is a Russian immigrant whose copper mug collection cannot be sold.

The three teamed up to create a new American cocktail. Americans are new to vodka, a cocktail that has made traditional Russian vodka a must in American bars. Through celebrity advertising, the Moscow Mule became the most popular drink in the 50s.

During the Cold War, the drink was named the Crown Vodka Mule, but in the 21st century, with the rise of Moscow mule drinkers, the cocktail has regained its popularity. According to Business Insider's 2018 list, it's the 8th best-selling cocktail.

"The Moscow Mule" is famous for combining an immigrant's struggle with the luxurious Hollywood lifestyle.

A Moscow Mule cocktail set made with vodka, lime juice and ginger beer is simple and sophisticated.

A copper mug is perfect for this drink because copper conducts heat and matches the mule's temperature as it is poured into the glass. This keeps the mules cold and frosty, while enhancing the vodka's flavor and the drink's natural attributes. An Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit for One is made with vodka, mixed with lime juice and ginger beer - simple yet refined.


A drink called the Moscow Mule has simple ingredients, but its copper cup complicates its shape. It's very refreshing and tasty, but the copper cup strikes a balance between functionality and the shape of a Moscow mule. You and your lover can enjoy cocktails in this beautiful set of copper mugs.

The most scientific benefit of drinking Moscow Mule coffee from a gleaming copper cup is the copper's ability to transfer temperature. A famous summer cocktail, the Moscow Mule served in a copper mug is icy cold in any weather because copper is a great conductor of heat. Adding a little ice cubes to the "Moscow Mule" copper cup will make the cup instantly cool, and the mouth of the cup will have a cold feeling.

There's nothing like seeing your cool, dripping copper mules on a warm summer day. The copper mug won't disrupt the Moscow mule mix, and you'll enjoy the natural flavors of fresh lime juice and sparkling ginger beer with every sip.

Another advantage of the moscow mule mug is that it has a long copper handle, which ensures that the temperature of your body and hands will not spoil your Moscow mule cocktail.

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