What’s the Best Wine Opener for You?

What’s the Best Wine Opener for You?

Which wine bottle opener is most suitable for you?

When it comes to opening wine, there are many novices who already have a hard time, although, now there are more and more manufacturers on the market to start using screw caps, or boxed wine. But the glass bottle and cork partnership is still the most classic. For opening such a wine bottle, like the need for a beer starter, the first thing you need is a wine bottle opener.
Queenbar has summarized the 8 most common corkscrews, comparing their lightness, artifice and price. The occasion, the experience of the corkscrew and the wine to be opened are all factors to be taken into account.

1. Waiter's favorite - the seahorse knife

The Waiter’s Friend

The lightest bottle opener, most common in restaurants. It is also known as the "sommelier's friend" because waiters usually carry it with them, making it the best choice for wine lovers. The wine cutter also comes with a small knife to easily cut through the tinfoil or plastic seal of the bottle. It is easy to use the leverage principle when opening the bottle to save effort. It's very easy to control when you get good at it, and the prices range from a few dollars to several thousand dollars. Note that the more expensive, the better. In fact, those corkscrews made of high-grade wood, horn or barrel wood polish are often prepared for professional sommeliers, and may be difficult for beginners to use. The cheap "buy one get one free" corkscrews available online are easier for newcomers to use because of their two-step design.

2. the Winged ‘Butterfly’ Corkscrew

the Winged ‘Butterfly’ Corkscrew

Because of the butterfly double-sided lever principle, when opening the cork does not require human skills like a seahorse knife to keep the corkscrew vertical with the cork, at the same time, the need to use a little less corkscrew energy. This one, I think especially suitable for home use, affordable and easy to use, usually also comes with a beer opener, cost-effective. Of course, compared to the seahorse knife, butterfly-shaped volume is a little larger, less suitable for carrying around.

3. The ‘Bunny Ears’ lever Corkscrew

The ‘Bunny Ears’ lever Corkscrew

For people who have no experience in opening bottles, this is the best choice, you do not need to consider where to put the drill mouth of the cork, nor do you need to keep the corkscrew vertical, put it on the bottle, the fine physical structure, will help you to eliminate all the worries. However, it is slightly expensive and not easy to carry.

4. The Table Top Wine Opener

The Table Top Wine Opener

This table corkscrew is often found at the bar of some fine restaurants, mainly to ensure that the bottle is in the guest's visible view when the waiter is offering a glass of wine and opens it, so that the guest who buys a glass of wine can be assured that the bottle is just opened. For some serious wine players, an elegantly shaped table corkscrew is a nice touch in the cellar, and this corkscrew is often used as a gift, but in addition to looking good, I really don't know what use it is.

5. The Electric Wine Opener

Cool new corkscrew, I should say is extremely good, just lightly press a key, will spiral cork will automatically lift, convenient, fast; to say the main drawback, the market cheap electronic corkscrew almost did not open two bottles of wine to charge a full day, than Apple standby are weak. If you want a good use, you can choose Queenbar's cheap price, long battery life.

6. the Twist & Pull Corkscrew

the Twist & Pull Corkscrew

As the oldest wine corkscrew, the principle of brutal brutality. This one is not suitable for the waiter's pocket (spiral exposed) and completely unable to save the traditional corkscrew is still in circulation in the market, I think, mainly because there is such a group of people who love to show off their skills and emphasize that they are very strong.

7. The Ah-so Wine opener

The Ah-so Wine opener

The Ah-So is a special corkscrew designed to open older vintages, and is not particularly expensive or lightweight, but it does require a lot from the user. Some cork collectors also prefer to use this corkscrew to keep the cork intact.


8. The Air Pump Corkscrew

The Air Pump Corkscrew

As the name implies, the principle of forcing air into the bottle through a needle inserted into the cork makes the cork pop out automatically. The publicity is that this corkscrew can prevent the fragile cork of old wine from falling into the wine after breaking during the opening process, but please note that this requires you to manually pierce an awl through the entire wine cork first, and then inflate it like a bicycle tire one at a time. This high-end sounding corkscrew, and electronic corkscrew treatment is similar, mainly used as a laughing stock.


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