If you buy only one wine glass, which one to choose?

If you buy only one wine glass, which one to choose?

If you buy only one wine glass, which one to choose?

As a wine lover and pretender, I would like my wine glasses at home to be placed like this.

Wine galss holder

I would like my wine glass to look like this.
So that when I have guests, I can hold my wine glass and laugh with them like this.
wine party
Recently, many people have left comments on Queenbar's social media backend asking what wine glasses they would recommend.

The right wine glass will maximize the flavor of your wine. The shape and texture of the wine glass plays a role in enhancing the aroma and quality of a wine. The shape of the glass, its capacity, the diameter of the mouth, the rim of the glass, and the thickness of the wall will determine the first point of contact with the wine when it enters the mouth, and when the flow of the wine is directed to the most appropriate taste sensing area, it will stimulate the highest level of taste bud sensation.
wine glasses
So there are a variety of glasses to match different grape varieties and regions, as well as wine glass brands from various countries, making it more difficult to choose from too many options. It may not make a wine stand out, but at least any wine will perform well in it, without fail. Jancis Robinson once said, "After all these years of wine tasting, I'm more and more sure that just one size and shape of glass is enough for all kinds of wines," but the question is which one.

High-quality, versatile wine glasses generally need to meet the following requirements.

1.Large enough so that the glass can be shaken to allow the wine to oxidize in contact with air
2.The mouth of the glass is slightly closed to ensure that the aromas are concentrated
3.thin walls, transparent and beautiful, light cups are also more convenient to hold in the hand
4.The foot of the glass is high enough to facilitate the shaking of the glass and to avoid the temperature of the wine being affected by the hand touching the wall of the glass
5.Simple design, should avoid all kinds of strange anti-human wine glass style, after all, the wine is the main character.

Considering these conditions, I give the following recommended choices, individuals look more cost-effective, some too extravagant cup type or brand is not recommended here. By the high to low single wine glass price list.

Zalto, Denk'Art series, Universal cup type

zalto universal
Master Jesse Robinson has long admired the Austrian brand Zalto, which she says is the thinnest-walled, most finely crafted glass she has ever seen, yet it feels flexible in the hand and feels completely at one with the wine. The family that produces the glasses dates back to Venice, and all the glasses are hand-blown, angular and very thin.

It should be explained here that the "crystal" we generally refer to in crystal glasses is glass containing at least 24% lead oxide, below which there is a direct loss of transparency and the glass becomes harder and more difficult to cut. Generally speaking, as long as you use it wisely and don't use crystal glasses containing lead for long-term storage of drinks, the amount of lead oxide released into the liquor from the material is so small that it is not harmful to your body. But if you ask for more, some high-end products, including this Zalto wine glass, will use lead-free crystal as the material, zinc oxide and other substances instead of lead oxide, transparency is still very high, but completely eliminates the problem of lead in the glass leaking into the wine, while the glass also becomes lighter, the price will naturally be more expensive than the general crystal glass.

Riedel, Vitis Collection

The Vitis is an extension of the Vinum Extreme design, with the bottom of the glass poking into the foot to form a tapered shape, but the two are still smooth and elegant. Regardless of the shape, the Vitis is a glass that embodies the highest level of glassblowing technology available today.

Riedel, Ouverture, Magnum

Ouverture is Riedel's most entry-level wine glass, and its simplicity and practicality are its greatest strengths. It may not be the best for all wines, but all styles of wine will certainly perform well in it, even champagne and liqueurs. Moreover, although its foot is not very high and looks less elegant, it has a low center of gravity and is more stable than a high footed glass, so the possibility of breaking the glass by a fidgety guest is greatly reduced, making it a very suitable choice for most people.

Finally, it is necessary to mention a super cost-effective brand: Queenbar

stainless steel wine glass

SSW is Queenbar's food-grade stainless steel wine glass to better fit all wines and to prevent the glass from breaking and injuring people during use. The ultra-thin stainless steel wall and mouth of the glass is only 6mm,combining the shape of Bordeaux and Burgundy and Cabernet Sauvignon glasses together, with the belly shape of Burgundy, narrowing the mouth of the glass to allow better contact between the red wine and air, but also to better cohesion of wine aromas, combined with the slender body of the Cabernet Sauvignon glass so that the wine flows through the sweet area of the arrow, lightening the bitterness of tannins and maximizing the fruit flavor.

The stainless steel material is not only suitable for home use, but also perfect for camping, picnics and other outdoor activities. Their sleek appearance is perfect for engraving a special personal touch.
The stemware is ready to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.
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